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General Rules for the Use of the Forum


Note: Avatar image sizes are currently limited to 150 x 150 pixels and signature image sizes are limited to 500 x 100.
  1. Before posting to First State Equine Forum, you should read these rules thoroughly.

  2. Everyone planning to make a post on this site should be familiar with these rules in order to understand how the board works.

  3. The purpose of the First State Equine Forum

  4. The whole purpose of First State Equine is to bring the equine community together the same as a large family gathers for Sunday dinner. FSE is a place where comradery, friendships, and discussions can foster and grow bringing everyone together as one big family. The forum is intended to be a melting pot for people at all skill and knowledge levels. No one should fear asking any question no mater how basic or complicated. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  5. All decisions by the Forum Moderators ARE FINAL.

  6. ALL positions at First State Equine are volunteer positions including Moderators. They are the ones in charge of keeping the Forum a great place for everyone. Therefore their decisions ARE FINAL.

  7. Request for review of a Forum Moderator's Decision.

  8. You may request a review of a Forum Moderator's decision by the Super Administrator. All because you request a review does not mean you will receive one or that the Forum Moderator's Decision will be overturned. It is the sole discretion of the Super Administrator to decide whether review will occur.

  9. All decisions by the Organizational Forum Moderators within their organization's private area ARE FINAL.

  10. While Organizational Forums must abide by these rules, they may also add additional rules as they see fit for their private area. Any decisions within their forum by their moderators ARE FINAL. If you have an issue with a decision made by an Organizational Forum Moderator, you should address that with the governing body of the organization that is in charge of that forum.

  11. Users may be as young as 13 years old, therefore no swearing, cursing, bashing, comments or other profanity that is intended to hurt someone.

  12. **NOTE** Trying to type around the censors by using various punctuation will be considered the same as the word itself.

    You are more than welcome to disagree with another user's opinion on their training methods, beliefs, or topics, however, you may not belittle or flame other users for having a different opinion than yours.

    Issues with another user are not to be dealt with in our public forums. Should you feel a discussion is getting offensive and personal, please use the report facility or start a Talk to the Team thread to contact the Moderators.

  13. Arguments/drama are not to be brought into the Forums and or continued from one thread to another.

  14. This rule is self explanatory.

  15. There are to be NO adult themes in the forum. All topics are not to exceed a PG rating in ALL areas.

  16. Again, users of the forum can be as young as 13 years old. Equine natural biology is an exception to this rule. Discussions regarding breeding and sheath cleaning, for example, are permitted within the forums. Discussions need to remain clean and mature using proper biological terminology. This includes images (avatars and/or signatures) that are offensive, shocking or are considered inappropriate. These images will be removed.

  17. Avoid the use of Net-Speak that many of us may be in the habit of using, please.

  18. Words should be spelled out, no text message abbreviations. Keeping in mind that English is no longer everyone's first language. English is hard enough to be translated with the "slang" terms already naturally used, Net-Speak just makes tanslating English that much harder for those individuals. Do not type in all caps, alternating caps, or use excessive punctuation such as exclamation points or question marks.

    Readers will find it much easier to read your posts if it is done in well written English.

  19. All Threads should be titled appropriately.

  20. Don't just title you thread "Help". The subject should pertain to the issue or item you are looking for help with. This avoids the same question from being posted multiple times because are are probably not the only one with that question. Secondly, you will be more likely to get responses from the members because the title will be the primary information a user will use when making the decision to read the post or not. Finally, people will not continue to answer the same question over and over and over again.

    If you are not getting the response that you hoped for, please put in a request in to the moderators or administrator to change the title or move the thread to a different area of the forum.

  21. Posting tip:

  22. When you ask for help, remember details, details, details. Give as much detail as you can about the issue you have in question. For example: experience level, your situation, your location, your horse and anything else to describe the circumstances. The last thing you want is incomplete advice due to not providing all the facts.

  23. Forum spamming or flooding is not permitted.

  24. Posting the same question or comment multiple times in the same forum or multiple times back to back is not permitted. If you forgot something and wish to add to or edit the post, use the Edit button.

  25. Fantasy Members and Forum Trolls

  26. Within a thread, no one is permitted of accusing another member of being a liar or a troll.

    Any accusation will be removed. If you make these call outs you could receive an infraction, multiple repeated infractions could result in being banned temporarily or permanently.

    If you feel someone is lying or trolling in the forum, contact the Moderators in a PM, in the Talk to the Team Section, or use the report the post feature.

  27. Critique Forum Rules

  28. Equine Conformation Critique Forum - Only pictures of a horse(s) you are considering buying or your own horse(s) may be posted by members for the conformation critique.

    Equine Riding Critique Forum - Any posting of pictures or videos may only be posted by members of themselves for the critique. You MAY NOT post pictures or videos of others. The exception to this rule is that parents may post pictures and video of their minor children for the purpose of receiving a critique from the group. Parents are required to state your relationship to the child so that the Moderating Team and others know that it is legitimate. Failure to follow these rules will result in the post being removed and continued infractions could lead to you being banned from the forum.

    Equine Breeding topics in the Stallions and Broodmares Sub-forums - You may only post pictures of your own horse or a horse you are considering for breeding purposes.

    Additionally, pictures and videos of horses may be posted by members for educational purposes only. The pictures or videos must be publicly available and not be watermarked in any way. First State Equine rules for posting pictures and videos must be followed.

    Anything deemed as an attempt to ridicule or mock riders, horses or both using pictures or videos is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow these rules will result in the post being removed and continued infractions could lead to you being banned from the forum.

  29. Absolutely NO FREE Advertising

  30. There will be no FREE COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING in the First State Equine Forums. You may not use your avatar, username, profile, signature or anywhere else in the First State Equine Forums if your membership does not allow for it. If you would like to advertise, you are welcome to purchase a business membership. You can also visit our Advertise page for ad pricing information if you do not want to purchase a membership.

  31. Inserting links into the Forum.

  32. We have found that if links are not kept in check, they become a major distraction to everyone in the village the same as large LED signs in your home town. Therefore, it is at First State Equine's sole discretion to control any and all advertising and website promotion. In order to continue to grow the village's population, First State Equine requires a link back to the forum from the site being link to from the forum. This is strictly a way to give back to the village.

    Before posting a link, you should review our First State Equine Link Posting Policy page.

  33. The Forum is NOT a GoFundMe Site.

  34. First State Equine will not be responsible for verifying the validity of any direct monetary requests, therefore they are forbidden. This will help everyone avoid scams. We all could use extra cash from time to time for various reasons, so offer something in return whether it is tack, artwork, or other items is acceptable in the proper thread. Asking for help with ideas to come up with extra cash is fine, asking for free money is not.

  35. No post will be removed unless done so by a Moderator for violating the rules.

  36. Read you post twice before posting! Once a post has been made, it now becomes part of First State Equine and will not be removed. This ensure information is kept available for future members of the village. Posts in Journals are the only exception to this rule. Please review the Journal Rules before starting a Journal

  37. The Facts Please

  38. Members should ensure that their posts are based on facts and not posting "facts" that have been made up. Doing so wastes other member's time and energy and will not be tolerated. If a Moderator determines an individual is making things up, the member could face restrictions on their account.

  39. Cyberbullying is not permitted.

  40. Anything inappropriate that directly targets an individual member or group of members will not be tolerated. What is considered as inappropriate is at the sole discretion of the Forum Moderators and once again, their decision IS FINAL.

  41. Open discussion of First State Equine's Policies

  42. Open forum discussion of the rules, policies, or decisions made by Moderators is strictly prohibited and will be removed. If you have an issue, contact the Super Administrator by submitting a ticket at MTK Support.

  43. Membership Policy Information.

  44. Account Policy:

    Only one account is permitted per member. Attempting to have more than one account will result in all the accounts being block and the user banned.

    FORGOT PASSWORD PAGE to reset your password.

    Should you no longer have access to the email address you originally registered with, please submit a ticket at MTK Support and we will get you back into your account after some verification.


    Please be sure to chose a non-offensive Username that you will be happy with your entire time at First State Equine. Usernames WILL NOT be changed except in very extenuating circumstances. If Usernames were constantly changing, it would get very confusing as to who was who.

    Avoid names that might change in the future such as the name of your horse should something happen. If you would like to remain anonymous, avoid surnames, real names, property names, or other identifying nick names.

    Business names are not to be used as Usernames. If you do use a business name, you will be required to change the name.

    Any requests of a user to change their user name within a reasonable amount of time will have a username chosen for them.

    Account Sharing

    One account - One member. Do not share your password with anyone so that they may post for you.

    If the account belongs to a child over 13, parents are not to use that as their own account. Making accounts for children under 13, even if by the parents is strictly prohibited and will be deleted when the Moderators become aware of such an account.

  45. Minimum Age for Membership.

  46. All members must be at least 13 years of age or older. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to have an account. As of this time, there will not be any restriction on these younger members because the are the future and need to learn and grow. If the younger age becomes an issue in the forums, restrictions will be implemented.

  47. Starting Your Own Journal.

  48. The Journal is a place for a member to keep track and share the great life events or day to day activities with their horse. Journal authors have the option of allowing others to participate by allowing comments, critique, or advice or request not to have any at all. All members are expected to respect the wishes of the Author or risk being sanctioned or banned and having their posts/comments removed. The Author has the right to request removal of such posts/comments by a Moderator.

A Note to All Members.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the post being removed and continued infractions could lead to you being banned from the forum.

All members have the right and are asked to report any perceived violations to the Moderators.

Moderators and Administrators have the final say on the handling of any and all issues. By posting in the Forum, you agree that they have the right to edit, modify, or delete threads and/or posts that they, in their sole discretion, determine violate the Rules of the Forum.


You knew it was coming, neither First State Equine, the Moderators, nor its Administrators guarantee or are responsible for the accuracy of any information provided by members of the forum. Neither are they responsible for any results from using or not using the advice provided by a member of the forum.

Posts are the responsibility of the poster. Neither First State Equine, the Moderators, nor its Administrators are responsible for any Copyright Violation by one of the members of the forum. Limited use of Copyrighted Material is permitted by the United States' Fair Use doctrine without the need for permission of the owner of the original material for teaching, research, commentary, news reporting, or criticism.

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